Centre for space technologies

The Centre for Space Technologies (CST) is a world class development at Spaceport Cornwall, offering launch companies revolutionary safe, dedicated and responsible access to space, and providing a location for people, businesses and ideas to connect and create new products and services that will benefit life on earth.

There are two main facilities making up the CST. The Space Systems Integration Facility and the Space Systems Operations Facility.

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The Integration Facility

The Integration Facility is a launch critical hangar-like building where currently Virgin Orbit and in the future additional launch operators, will test space technologies and satellites. Offering a 9m tall ISO8 grade clean room, gantry crane and 870sqm of integrated hall workspace, it’s where additional users will be able to test their products and services year-round outside of launch campaigns.

Spaceport Cornwall Centre for Space Technologies

The Operations Facility

The busiest area of the CST year round is the Operations Facility. Offering businesses a range of flexible workspace options from a hot-desk, to whole offices or laboratories, as well as an operational Mission Ops Centre and clean room. The Operations Facility is where space businesses will locate and collaborate, and where cutting edge Responsible Launch services and research will be born that will change the industry. The CST is attracting interest from space businesses from across the globe who want to be part of Cornwall and the UK’s sustainable space innovation. What we call ‘Space For Good.’ The Operations Facility is available from March 2023.

Spaceport Cornwall is proud to be a new kind of Spaceport. To join us, get in touch.