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Ross Hulbert, Business Development Manager



At the heart of Spaceport Cornwall is a unique set of facilities called the Centre for Space Technologies, or the CST. The CST will be home to Spaceport Cornwall’s Satellite Integration Facility, a hangar-like building that will take satellites in one end, encapsulate them into the rocket fairing, and come out the other end, in the rocket, ready for launch.

The CST will also be home to a Space Operations Centre, which will bring academia, small businesses and large businesses together in one place. It will offer businesses year-round office, laboratory, and R&D workspace in a collaborative environment where cutting edge ideas can be developed and shared.

The knowledge gained during the R&D of the products and services delivered within the CST will be used to solve some of the UK’s most challenging issues, including climate change, improving environmental and social sustainability.

This will, in turn, lead to further R&D activity in satellite hardware, software, testing and applications, accelerating the development of the space cluster here in Cornwall.

The CST is due to open in March 2022.