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Spaceport Cornwall brings space closer to more people and businesses; by being as open and sustainable as possible.

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    Frequently asked questions

    Why do we need more satellites?

    Satellites underpin modern life. From keeping us connected, to GPS, to monitoring climate change and advising environment policy makers, newer and more capable satellites are required to provide higher quality imagery and data at an increased rate.

    What is Spaceport Cornwall’s environmental impact?

    Spaceport Cornwall is passionate about using space to benefit life on Earth, and believes in the role of space to fight climate change. Launching space technology has been historically impactful, and Spaceport Cornwall wants to change this. At the height of activities, Spaceport Cornwall will only increase Cornwall’s overall emissions by between 0.04-0.1% . The team are working on not just mitigating this impact, but bringing down the impact all together. For more, please see our Sustainability Report.

    Will Spaceport Cornwall launch space tourists?

    There are currently no plans for humans to launch from Cornwall. Any proposals of this nature would require their own business plan and the proposal would have to be taken through a full Cornwall Council approval process.

    What about space debris?

    Space debris is a growing issue, especially as more humans travel into space. Spaceport Cornwall is actively working with several world-leading space debris companies, supporting them and their innovative technologies to access space and clean up orbits. In addition, the UK Space Agency is regulating what satellites are launched from UK soil and monitoring their deorbiting policies.

    How much will Spaceport Cornwall cost?

    Spaceport Cornwall is being developed for £20M, which is made up from Cornwall Council (£10M), Virgin Orbit (£2.5M), UK Space Agency (£7.35).

    Why is Cornwall Council investing in a Spaceport?

    Spaceport Cornwall is growing a new sector in Cornwall, providing over 150 jobs and £240M of GVA growth to the region. The Council’s investment is going towards upgrading its own asset, Cornwall Airport Newquay, in order to generate additional revenue which will be invested back into Cornwall.

    Will Cornwall Airport Newquay shut?

    No, Spaceport Cornwall is being completely integrated with all the existing activities at Cornwall Airport Newquay.

    Is the military involved?

    The MoD is a partner of Virgin Orbit as part of the ARTEMIS programme which will offer responsive satellite launch for military communication satellites. Currently there is no official arrangement with MoD to use Cornwall to launch, however this would be a significant opportunity to grow RAF St. Mawgan.