Launch event information

The Countdown to Launch from Cornwall is on and event details will be landing here very shortly.

We will be welcoming a limited number of the public to the site to witness this historic moment, and will soon share what that is going to look like (heads up, launch will be around midnight!) and how you can be involved.

Rachel and ESA Astronaut, Tim Peake

Educational Broadcast

We’re inviting students to experience an exclusive broadcast featuring ESA Astronaut, Tim Peake.

Working alongside Learn Live News Channel and students from Falmouth University, we’ll be presenting a broadcast for schools to tune into following the first launch from UK soil.

Students will learn about:

• Developments in UK space

• The launch system and rocket

• How satellites benefit us everyday

• Job opportunities in UK STEM

And more!

If you’re a teacher and would like your school to be involved, register your interest here.

Do you live near Spaceport Cornwall?

Information on what the launch means for local residents will be posted soon.