Operate from Spaceport Cornwall

Spaceport Cornwall is located at Cornwall Airport Newquay, an active civilian airport with passenger flights around the UK and Europe. It will be one of the only places in the world where you can be on a passenger airplane and look out your window to see a launch to space about to happen. In order to integrate a Spaceport into an airport, two things are needed: the right facilities and the right legislation to launch.

Spaceport Operations

Cornwall Airport Newquay is developing operational capability to act as a licensed spaceport under the Space Industry Act 2018, trading under the brand of Spaceport Cornwall. Compared to the traditional ‘vertical’ launch site, Spaceport Cornwall is a horizontal spaceport catering for carrier aircraft, spaceplanes and other vehicles requiring the use of a runway to take-off or land.

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Centre for Space Technologies

At the heart of Spaceport Cornwall is the Centre for Space Technologies (CST), a series of world-leading R&D and innovation facilities designed to provide safe, dedicated and responsible access to space.

The CST has been designed with a clear vision, to connect people, businesses and ideas to benefit People and Planet. A Place for Space for Good.

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Who We Are Working With

Spaceport Cornwall is home to a growing cluster of space and satellite companies all working together to enable better access to space for the benefit of Life on Earth