Our five main impacts

Carbon emissions

Current impact:
Launches will be high quality but low quantity with 2 launches a year

Carbon neutral by 2030 with further intention to be net zero


  • Short Term: Virgin Orbit commitment to offset launch emissions with purchase of UK Domestic Woodland Carbon Units
  • Centre for Space Technologies R&D into biofuels, cleaner integration and launch methods
  • Longer Term: Kernow Sat 1 to positively influence Blue Carbon market


Current impact:
Spaceport activities have been found to have no adverse effects on biodiversity within the existing airport masterplan

Spaceport Cornwall is committing to a 10% biodiversity gain within the Spaceport development zone


  • Site Wide Sustainability Manager (Airport, Enterprise Zone, MoD, Spaceport)
  • Satellites to monitor and support nature-based solutions
  • Bat Boxes: The project has already installed 8 bat boxes around the site, with plans for more
  • Nature Corridor: Support of the Aerohub nature corridor and investment in enhancing its habitats
  • Wildflower Meadows: Spaceport Cornwall has been working with the Eden Project’s National Wildflower Collection to establish a series of wildflower meadows across the site
  • Kernow Sat 1 to support sea grass restoration and kelp forest installation around coast of Cornwall

Marine environment

Current impact:

The first stage of launcher one will have a controlled fall into the sea and sink within hours

Set new industry standards for analysing impact on marine environment


  • Leading academic research into impact of debris on marine environment
  • Centre for Space Technologies R&D into rocket re-usability, retrieval

On-site facilities

Current impact:
On-site activities: ground operations, per launch, will equate to 14 tonnes CO2E, this includes increased power requirements and increased staff transport to site

Carbon neutral on-site activities


  • New facilities will target BREEAM Excellent/Very Good accreditation
  • £50,000 budget towards Green Transport
  • Site-wide Sustainability Plan established
  • Team use of sustainable materials
  • Electrification of site vehicles
  • Renewable energy (from existing solar farm)

Space debris

Current impact:
Satellites launched from Cornwall will enter low earth orbit where current debris is an increasing issue

World’s most ethical and responsible gateway to space


  • Ensure all satellites and spacecraft are licensed by the CAA
  • Progress ethical framework
  • Centre for Space Technologies R&D in space system design
    and de-orbiting technologies