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The mikly way galaxy over a coastal landscape


Spaceport Cornwall brings space closer to more people and businesses; by being as open and sustainable as possible and helping to generate a new economy for Cornwall, while always considering its impact on the environment and local community.

Our purpose
and Mission

The importance of space is growing, and a low-cost, competitive and sustainable hub in Cornwall will open up its potential for everyone, enabling innovation, modelling responsibility and inspiring change.

The nature and number of things we’re able to do in space changes and expands all the time, but it’s not just what we can do there that’s changing, it’s who can get there. Space is becoming more open: less the preserve of a few nations, and increasingly accessible to different users, whether governments, institutions, companies or individuals. They’re all becoming more dependent on space-enabled services and applications, not least – for example – the ability to observe the planet and track environmental changes from space.

Launches have always been environmentally controversial. Spaceport Cornwall can and will do it differently, and can and will show leadership, specifically, the leadership needed to make sustainability and responsibility priorities, and to develop technologies which mitigate the impact of launching.

Cornwall is already experiencing growth in this sector, thanks to the expertise and facilities at Goonhilly Earth Station. The more locally-available services there are, the better the prospects for linking Air and Space Ports, and for driving competitive operations which will be commercially viable to more and more individuals, institutions and businesses.

This connectivity is crucial: between Air and Space Ports, between research and business, between people and ideas. A fully joined-up and unified operation – which shares resources, facilities and expertise – will bring about efficiencies which allow a sustainable, commercially-viable high-tech sector to thrive.

And a thriving sector helps Spaceport Cornwall to open space up for everyone, to be a hub for innovation, and to inspire the kind of change which makes a more sustainable approach to space a reality.