ForgeStar-0 satellite

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ForgeStar-0 satellite

Launching their first laser retroreflector for high precision tracking of satellites.


As part of this mission, Space Forge has partnered with high-precision Space Situational Awareness (SSA) company, Lumi Space. On board the ForgeStar-0, they will be launching their first laser retroreflector for high precision tracking of satellites – this will track the descent of the ForgeStar-0 so we can get accurate feedback on our return technology. They will also be working with Cosmic Shielding Corporation on this mission to test their radiation shielding technology aboard the ForgeStar-0. Cosmic Shielding will send a small sample of their revolutionary, patented radiation shielding composite called Plasteel™ to confirm the survivability of the composite while exposed to the harsh environment of space.


Space Forge is an in-space manufacturing company building the World’s first fully returnable and re-launchable satellite platform. The ForgeStar™. They’re doing this to create materials in space, which are impossible to manufacture on Earth. The ForgeStar platform they are building is a flexible modular satellite consisting of an orbital module and an interchangeable microgravity capsule. This will enable reliable, safe and predictable return to Earth as well as the ability to manufacture off-planet.

The ForgeStar-0 is the test model of the satellite platform being laundemonstrate core elements of our return-to-Earth technology.

Responsible launch

Space Forge’s focus is on producing materials and products which offer game-changing levels of performance and efficiency in power-hungry infrastructure and systems – reducing the environmental impact of production on earth to unlock new value and innovation. Research suggests that manufacturing these materials in space could reduce CO2 emissions by 75% in high value infrastructure, from EV charging stations to cloud computing data centres. Space Forge’s goal is for every kilogram of CO2 they create, to prevent another 20,000kg from ever being made.

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