Prometheus-2 satellite

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Prometheus-2 satellite

Two cereal box size Cubesats which will operate in Low Earth Orbit.


The Prometheus-2 mission comprises two cereal box size Cubesats which will operate in Low Earth Orbit. Owned by the Defence Science and Technology Laboratory (Dstl) on behalf of the Ministry of Defence (MOD), they have been co-funded with Airbus Defence and Space who designed them jointly with In-Space Missions Ltd in Alton where they were constructed.


The two Prometheus 2 Cubesats will provide a test platform for sophisticated imaging, and monitoring radio signals including GPS, paving the way for a more collaborative and connected space communication system with our combat allies. These satellites will support MOD science and technology (S&T) activities both in orbit and on the ground through the development of ground systems focussed at Dstl’s site near Portsmouth. Third party access to the Radio Frequency payloads, for research purposes, will also be available on-demand through Airbus Defence and Space.

Responsible launch

After being released the satellites will deploy solar arrays to provide power for the mission which is expected to last for up to three years. Once in orbit the satellites and their payloads will undergo extensive tests during the commissioning phase which might last for up to six months before being tasked with mission commands. The satellites will operate in sun-synchronous near-polar orbit, passing overhead of the Equator at the same time each day.

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