Sat Rev - Aman satellite

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Sat Rev - Aman satellite

Conducting cutting-edge scientific research and capturing high-resolution imagery.


Consortium delivering this launch (alongside Oman’s first deep space mission) consists of – Virgin Orbit, The Sultanate of Oman, Polish Small Satellite manufacturer and operator SatRevolution, Poland-originated AI data analytics specialists TUATARA, and Omani-based emerging technology innovator ETCO


The group plans to launch a satellite designed by SatRevolution with the mission of conducting cutting-edge scientific research and capturing high-resolution imagery. All collected data and images, both from the Low Earth Orbit and deep space missions, will be further analyzed digitally using computer vision, machine learning, and AI solutions developed by TUATARA in strategic partnership with ETCO.

Responsible Launch

This mission will collect valuable data regarding the hidden patterns that underlie climate change, and the aftereffects of natural disasters. In addition, it could provide scientists with essential information needed to understand what occurs on the surface of Earth’s neighbors.

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