Nov 10th, 2021

Spaceport Cornwall kicks off new sponsorship of Newquay AFC

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  • Spaceport Cornwall announces ‘New Season Restart’ sponsorship of St Newlyn AFC
  • Sponsorship adds another local organisation into Spaceport’s community network
  • Fostering inspiration and ambition within Cornwall is key to Spaceport Cornwall’s agenda

St Newlyn East AFC have always set their sights high…but they have just gone “into orbit”…
Spaceport Cornwall have announced today their plans to become a new official club sponsor of St Newlyn AFC from the start of the new 2021/22 season. This announcement is a result of over a year’s hard work and collaboration to bring the sponsorship to life and will see Spaceport Cornwall supporting the club for many seasons to come.

Club Secretary Jon Grigg confirmed that “we at St Newlyn East AFC are delighted that Spaceport Cornwall have agreed to become an official club sponsor. Like everyone in Cornwall we were interested to see the developments happening there and are excited to be able to benefit from being a part of this amazing endeavour.”

Supporting the local community is a key part of Spaceport Cornwall’s agenda. The project is intended to benefit the whole of Cornwall by bringing space closer to home, ensuring that local people, clubs and organisations are inspired by the possibilities the future holds.

Melissa Thorpe, Head of Spaceport Cornwall said: “We are delighted to be able to support St Newlyn East AFC plan for the future through the ‘New Season Restart’ sponsorship package. The team of volunteers work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure the success of the club season after season and this partnership is a small sign of our gratitude for the contribution they make to our community.”
The Saints’ spokesperson added “It’s just so exciting for everyone here at the club. We have a strong adult side in the ECPL, 2 youth teams in the Kernow League and a youth development side.

Amazingly, all the launches will actually be visible from our Cargoll Rd pitch! We will all certainly benefit for many years from the support of the Spaceport and hopefully their successes will be mirrored by our own both on, and off, the pitch.”

Spaceport Cornwall will be continuing to work with local grassroots organisations and ensure that the community is involved in every aspect of the project. The recently announced Kernow Sat 1 will be a one of a kind community designed and built satellite that will be integrated into the first launch from Spaceport Cornwall in 2022.
The “Story of a Satellite” exhibition which is now open at Cornwall Airport Newquay is designed for visitors and local school children to learn more about Spaceport Cornwall and how satellites are benefiting life on earth.

The exhibition is open to the public until the end of August. You can book tickets via the Spaceport website.