Welcome to our “Space Activities”, developed to inspire you about space and all that it can offer.

You can find our space activities below, and an answer sheet is available at the bottom of this page.

Our solar system

We have eight planets in our solar system.
They range in size, colour and the speed at which they rotate around the sun.

Can you name all the planets? Can you also name the different parts of the planet we live on, Earth? Download the ‘Name the Planets’ and ‘Location Challenge’ resources.

Name the planets

Location challenge

Palores needs your help

To launch Lorell the Satellite into space, Palores needs to help Cosmic Girl take off from Spaceport Cornwall.

Download the Build Your Own Cosmic Girl, Palores Wordsearch and Palores Colouring In here.

Build your own cosmic girl

Palores wordsearch

Palores colouring in

Satellites and space jobs

From 2022 Spaceport Cornwall will launch satellites into space. What are satellites and how long have humans been launching them into space?

Download these resources to discover all about satellites, the history of launch and what kind of jobs there are in the space sector, as well as university courses to help you work in the industry.

What is a satellite?

History of launch

Space jobs

University courses

Goonhilly earth station

Data sent from satellites like Lorell will be picked up at Goonhilly Earth Station in Cornwall.

Hmmm, something doesn’t look quite right in the control room. Can you help Palores get back on track by completing the spot-the-difference? How are messages from Lorell picked up back on Earth? Complete the dot-to-dot to find out.

Lorrell's spot the difference

Lorrell's dot-to-dot

Question time

Can satellites benefit the earth and environment? What will Cosmic Girl and LauncherOne be launching?

Download the resources below to learn 
how satellites can benefit the earth and environment. After that challenge yourself 
to answer some space questions.

Earth & Environment

Quiz time

Resource answer sheet

Resource answer sheet